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Why do people join Tupperware???

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Recruiting Flyers - Ideas - Tools

The following is a library of ideas and flyers that you can use to assist you in approaching recruiting as a normal part of your Party and Tupperware business. Choose one or two ideas and work with them in a positive way to "Interest" customers in the Tupperware opportunity.



Build your Team for bigger and better Royalties!

Michelle's "Kit Budget Flyer" for recruiting

No Secrets "10 Ticket Game"

No secrets Draw slips

Kit Issue check List

Fantastic Recruiting Tips Video

Watch this and recruit like crazy!

Recruiting Envelope



A Great Opportunity Flyer <-Click

Use this flyer to recruit by telling “your "I Story" the reasons for being in Tupperware”

and playing the 10 ticket game at parties.

Seven Questions Interview <-Click


Print this by clicking on it, read it at your parties right after the 10 ticket game


Use one or two of the flyers below to help you recruit!

How to get Leads

Recruits are in your Future <-Click

Great Recruiting Visual

Tammy Tupperware word choices

Page of small bills

Page of large denominations


Home Video

Job comparison facts

Consider This <-Click

10 Good Reasons to become a Consultant

Use this when talking to someone


5 Good Reasons to Recruit

Have a look at why you should Recruit

Read this at Parties

Recruiting Poem <-Click


Use this at Parties to develop interest

My Dream Job <-Click

Use this to explain the benefits

9 Reasons to Start<-Click

Read this at a Party to create interest

Right - Left Game

Look at the bonus CASH and

AWARDS that are possible.

New Consultant Star Program <-Click

E-mail us to receive your very own

personalized Flyer.

Recruiting Post It Flyer <-Click

The Teams "Best Recruiting Tips"

from Rally

Best Recruiting Tips <-Click

Read this at a Party to create interest

Fitting Tupperware in your Life<-Click

Use this at your parties, ask everyone to fill it out and have a draw.

Customer Survey <-Click

A guide to help you start recruiting in a

deliberate systematic method.

A Pocket full of Recruiting Ideas <-Click

Recruiting Tips from your Directors and DIQ's

Tips from your Directors <-Click

Use this to illustrate the income potential

Vacation or Cash to Pay Bills <-Click

Tic Tac Tupperware to develop recruit leads

Tic Tac Tupperware <-Click


Tupperware is a GREAT Business Opportunity. Why not give it a try today?

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If Recruiting is the Answer!

The questions may well have been:

 - How do I collect a "Royalty Bonus" every month from Tupperware?

 - How do I build "My Own Team" and become a Manager?

 - How do I earn the "Beautiful Gifts" that are offered?

 - How do I "Become a Leader" in this great business?

 - How do I "Quit My Full Time Job" and work from home?

 - How do I "Travel to great places" free from Tupperware?

 - How do I "Earn a Vehicle" to drive free from Tupperware?

 - How can I "Be everything I want to Be" personally?

 - How can I "Give Back to Others" the same way others have helped me?

 - How can I "Earn an Executive Level Income" doing what I love?

 - How can I "Make Lifetime Friends" that I share common interests with?

Recruiting really is the answer to all you want!