Earn income 4 different ways!

                1. Personal Profit
                2. Volume Bonus
                3. Profit + on your Unit
                4. Vanguard Bonus

      Simply hold your own personal Parties and recruit a Unit that also holds Parties.

  Step Up to Manager and receive $100 as a bonus!

When your Unit sells $3000 or more, (including $600+ of your personal sales), in a given month with 3 or more team members you receive Profit + Bonuses for that month. As a Manager you would earn 2% on commissionable sales of your entire Unit, including your personal sales.  Star Managers earn 3%, Executive Managers earn 4% plus even more.


$3000 Unit sales also mean you receive a $50 Vanguard Bonus every month.

 This is just the start, as your Unit grows the Profit + bonus increase to 3 and 4%

The Vanguard bonus can increase to over $200 per month

How far and how fast you Grow is up to you! Let us Help You!

  Examples of Managers income potential

Manager        Star Manager      Executive Manager