Interesting Timeline & History about Tupperware and Direct Selling


Twenty-eight-year-old door-to-door book salesman David McConnell starts the California Perfume Company when he discovers that the free perfume samples he gives out are the real reason people buy from him. In 1939 his company will be renamed Avon.


Alfred C. Fuller, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, establishes the Fuller Brush Company, selling brushes and household cleaners door-to-door.

July 28, 1907

Earl Tupper is born in New Hampshire to Ernest and Lulu Tupper.

May 25, 1913

Brownie Mae Humphrey is born in Georgia. Her parents will divorce soon afterward.



Brownie Humphrey's mother, a union organizer, leaves five-year-old Brownie to live with her aunt and cousins while she travels for her work.

November 1924

Teenager Earl Tupper writes an essay on becoming a millionaire: "What a time we would have if we had plenty of money... All our hopes and dreams of the future depend upon 'if I can get the price.'"


Earl Tupper graduates from Fitchburg High School in central Massachusetts.


Frank Stanley Beveridge, a successful Fuller Brush salesman, founds Stanley Home Products in western Massachusetts.

December 15, 1936

Brownie Humphrey marries Robert Wise, a Ford Motor Company employee. They move to Detroit.


Earl Tupper founds the Tupper Plastics Company.

Salesman Norman W. Squires writes a script for a "Hostess Group Demonstration Plan" and sends it to the president of Stanley Home Products. His method of direct sales through home parties is so successful that within two years a Stanley executive will call Squires the "Father of the Hostess Plan."

May 25, 1938

Jerry Wise, Brownie Wise's only child, is born.


Brownie Wise writes in to a Detroit newspaper readers' column under the pen name "Hibiscus." She will contribute to the column for several years.

February 10, 1942

Brownie and Robert Wise divorce.


Earl Tupper obtains some polyethylene from DuPont and begins to develop his wonder bowl with its soon-to-be-famous "burping" seal.



Tom and Anne Damigella, who had been selling Stanley Home Products, start selling Tupperware in Massachusetts.


Brownie Wise, who had been selling Stanley Home Products, starts selling Tupperware in Detroit.

November 8, 1949

Earl Tupper patents the "Tupper Seal" for closing plastic containers.


Brownie Wise moves to Florida with her son, Jerry.


Tupperware holds its first sales conference with a handful of early Tupperware distributors in Worcester, Massachusetts.

May 1951

Brownie Wise is appointed general sales manager of a new company, Tupperware Home Parties, which will oversee all Tupperware sales operations.


Jean and Jack Conlogue, who had been selling Stanley Home Products, open a Tupperware distributorship in St. Louis, Missouri.

Elsie Mortland starts selling Tupperware. Within a year, she will become the Tupperware Home Parties headquarters hostess, using new products in the company's test kitchen. She is the only woman other than Brownie Wise on staff at Tupperware.

January, 1952

Tupperware Home Parties moves to Florida, and temporarily sets up shop in an aircraft hangar.


Tupperware Home Parties holds its first manager seminar in Kissimmee, Florida.

January 1953

Mary and Frank Siriani leave their jobs at a General Motors factory and a luncheonette to start selling Tupperware.

July 1953

Li Walker, a Filipino war bride who is unable to get a teaching job because of her accent, starts selling Tupperware.


Tupperware Home Parties Headquarters is completed and dedicated. Big Dig Jubilee, the first of Tupperware's annual jubilees, is held there.

July 1954

Lavon Weber, who grew up during the great drought of the early 30s on an Oklahoma Dust Bowl farm, starts selling Tupperware.


Anna and Howard Tate leave Stanley Home Products. Howard is appointed to the Tupperware staff.

September 1955

Lavon and Bob Weber are promoted to a distributorship in Wichita, Kansas.


Sylvia Boyd starts selling Tupperware.

July 1956

Tupperware holds the Wish Fairy Jubilee.

August 22, 1956

The Tupperware Wish Fairy appears on "The Steve Allen Show."


Brownie Wise is fired from Tupperware Home Parties, Inc. She launches Cinderella, a direct sales cosmetics company.

Tupperware holds its Full Sales Jubilee, with a pirate theme.

July 1958

Earl Tupper sells Tupperware to the Rexall Drug and Chemical Company for $16 million and buys himself an island in Central America.


Jon and Sylvia Boyd are promoted to a distributorship in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Elsie Mortland helps bring Tupperware sales to Mexico and Guatemala.

The Mary Kay home party cosmetics company is started, modeled on the direct sales success of Tupperware.


Elsie Mortland helps bring Tupperware sales to Hong Kong.


Li Walker brings Tupperware to the Phillipines.


Earl Tupper moves to Costa Rica.

Betty Ramsell starts selling Tupperware in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, within two years is one of the Top Managers in Nova Scotia.


Betty and Brian Ramsell become Distributors in Edmonton Alberta


Earl Tupper dies.

Sylvia Boyd is appointed to the Tupperware staff, becoming only the third female regional vice president in company history.


Brian Ramsell becomes Regional VP of Western Canada, Betty is a engaged as a National Sales Consultant for Tupperware Canada.


Brian Ramsell appointed VP of sales for Canada.


Betty and Brian become Tupperware Distributors again in Hamilton Ontario


Brownie Wise dies.


The Direct Selling Women's Association is formed.