Years of Service
Rank for Office use Name Title as of March current title  as of April Director Team Service years LED Team
18 Tina Weber Consultant Manager Top Notch 5 Superb
17 Sandra Chrysler Consultant Consultant Lasting Impressions 5 Superb
16 Marie Peart Manager Manager The Stars 6 Superb
15 Judy English Cote Consultant Consultant High Hopes 6 Superb
14 Susan Tolhurst Consultant Consultant High Hopes 6 Superb
13 Jessica Hill Star Director Star Director Superb Inspirations 7 Superb
12 Katharin Klassen Star Manager Star Manager Party Planners 8 Superb
11 Amanda Philp Consultant Consultant High Hopes 9 Superb
10 Sue Yahn Consultant Consultant High Hopes 10 Superb
9 Linda Keffer Consultant Consultant Top Notch 11 Superb
8 Kelley Lightfoot Star Director Star Director High Hopes 13 Superb
7 Michelle Roberts Two Star Director Three Star Director Lasting Impressions 17 Superb
6 Adele Gaunt Manager Manager Party Planners 20 Superb
5 Danusia Szpak Consultant Consultant Top Notch 21 Superb
4 Jeanette MacMullin Manager Manager The Stars 22 Superb
3 Gloria Smith Star Director Star Director Top Notch 26 Superb
2 Karen Couse Director Director Party Planners 35 Superb
1 Betty & Brian Ramsell Business Leader Business Leader The Stars 46 Superb