On Line Parties

Use Facebook or Zoom to earn Profits

Consultants and Managers are reporting fantastic sales and Datings using this technology to do live demonstrations, play games, and have draws on line and everything else you would do at a regular Home Party.

Imagine setting up your notebook or Smart phone to video yourself doing exactly what you would do at a party PLUS play video’s for your audience to see, show images of sales specials, do a live demo, and connecting with 10 or 20 people and having fun online.

All you need is to have a Host, one person who will invite their friends to join you online for the party.

You would send your host the link for facebook or the “Zoom” app with the ID # and they forward it to their friends and their friends to even more contacts.

At the appointed time you set up to do the party just like you would do in a TV studio. Make sure you have a good quite area with no interruptions to your presentation.

After the Party you connect with everyone to accept the orders and answer any questions and of course DATE more Parties.

Having a My.Tupperware.ca web site, individuals could place orders on your web site or you can order in the normal way and deliver to the Online Host.

All you need is a Smart phone or laptop with camera and mic. Buy a Smart phone tripod to provide stability or even an external web cam and mic for a laptop for a better presentation. Practice with your friends so you can have the presentation you want.

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In order to get “Zoom” free you need to have the ‘Premium Level” ($19.95 US)

of  “My.tupperware.ca”. Having this personal Tupperware web site will also provide you with additional benefits like outside Sales. Parties and Recruits. Check out the details on www.superb1.ca

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Here is a write up on Party + that you can use as an add on to a regular Home Party.


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