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Below are Video clips from Superb Directors and Managers that have contributed to Superb's video library by offering training videos on important elements of your business. Many thanks to the Directors and Managers for providing this important training to all the Superb people.

Grab a coffee and watch top people share their ideas and experience!

Superb Team Training Videos

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Michelle's Dating Training Michelle's BOGO Training

New Video from Tupperware

"No Time to Waste"

Pasta Maker Breakfast Maker Rice Maker
Microwave Rice Cooker Chef Series Cookware Easy Salsa Using the Quick Chef

Water Bottle Video

Use this to demonstrate how Eco friendly Tupperware is. - Play on your notebook when possible.

Fridge Demo

From THP


Vent 'N Serve

Demo by Gloria Smith

Grab a coffee and relax and watch this video, it is well worth the time!

On high speed it take less than 1 minute to load and start.

Party Planning & Dating in Close

Star Manager Marilyn Battaglia Morning Rally October 20th

Special Outside Dating Challenge

Director Kim Kelly

Vent 'n Serve Flyer and Recipes

2 Star Director Gloria Smith

Building your January Business

Star Director Michelle Roberts Morning Rally October 20th

Video Demonstration

Kelley Lightfoot Modular Mate Video

Video Demonstration

Kelley Lightfoot Recruit Interview Video

Video Demonstration

Kim Kelly Fondue Demo

Video Demonstration

Kim Kelly Prep Esentials Demo

Video Demonstration

Michelle Roberts Refrigerator Demo