This is the Time to

"Pull a Party In" to your Datebook

Be sure your Hosts feel "How simple and Easy" it is to be a Host, make sure they know about the Rewards!

Be certain the guests have Fun, see a good Demo, and go home with great ideas and money saving tips.

Following are some ideas and documents to give you ideas to change up your presentations for summer.


Summer Tips



"Alternate Dating Games"



Debt Free Summer Vacation



Often people will offer an excuse for not being able to host a party. Donít be discouraged by this, rather hear what they say and have a positive response that will cause them to rethink their concerns. Donít let excuses stop you.

Be the SELLER, not the BUYER!


Dating Excuses and Responses


More Excuses and Responses


Even more Excuses and Responses


Summer Time Booklet






Dating Script for phone



Do a "Spring Cleaning" on your Party Presentation!