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Following are some “invitations” and “Thank You messages” that are being used now and were recently presented at Rally by Peggy Freymond and Laura Colwell. Peggy has found that by using these simple tools her parties are more successful and she is experiencing less rearrangements that before she used them as tools to build her business. Thanks to Laura and Peggy.


Invitations:  The invitations are provided to the Host at the time of Party Planning or shortly after. The Host should have enough to personally hand or Mail to each of her invited guests. It is recommended that three things are included.

1.    A brochure for the month that the Party is being held.

2.    A Order Form to place an order if the guest can not attend.

3.    A draw ticket (1/2 of a double ticket available at a Dollar Store)

The first two are self-explanatory. The ticket can be drawn at the party or as the winner can be selected before the party and guests can call before to see if they won.

You may choose to fill out the Hosts Name and details to make it easier for your host, you can download the MS Word document and print her name and details to make it easier. You can ask the host to fill out the details herself.

Below is a copy of a simple order form or you can use the regular Customer order forms available from Tupperware.


Thank You Message: The Thank You Message is for you to fill out and provide with each customer order you pack when you deliver the product back to the Host for her to present the orders to her guests. By thanking each guest and showing clearly how much FREE Tupperware she received for being a Host it will encourage every guest that dated and also encourage those that did not date to date with you.


Word Copy of Invitation

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PDF Copy of Invitation

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Word Copy of Customer Thank You Note

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 PDF Copy of Customer Thank You Note

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