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Tupperware, The More You're Looking For.
What's the "more" you're looking for in life? More time with your family? More passion for your work? More cash, less debt? More recognition and rewards? More respect as a business person? More vacations to exotic places? More improvements to your home? More opportunities for your children? As a Tupperware Consultant you can have more, do more, and enjoy more. Tupperware, the "more" you’re looking for in life.

If you have 6 hours a week and hold two average parties a week, you could earn over $1000 extra monthly income. Even better! And YOU’RE the boss in THIS job—so a raise beyond this beginning income is ready when you are—just add others to your business and you can build to a company Recruiting Hotline Canada 1-800-407-2701 car, vacation trips to Disney world or Hawaii, and all the way to the prestige and comfort that comes with a six figure income.

It all starts with an easy choice on your part to open a Tupperware business right now! Two average parties a week for a $1000 a month in income. Where else can you make the money you need in the hours you choose with a product that everyone knows and loves?
Imagine working from home, earning serious money for 3 to 6 hours a week, getting out of debt and into a lifestyle that fits you perfectly. It’s as close as the person who gave you this number. So connect and get a step-by-step plan to turn your time into money.
You may be amazed at how easy…how fun…and how lucrative that plan will be. It may be the
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