Dating Games - Themes - and Tips

At every Rally we recognize "Datings" that you have achieved over the last 1-week period in our Parade of Dating Champions. We have draws and recognition because this is the most important part of your business.


Friends - Relatives - Acquaintances - Neighbours - Kids Friends

Reach your Neighbours Sheet

Datings by Phone      Friend Finding



Have your own Store


How to $ucceed by Dating!

“Dating Advice” and Mini Game!


How to Handle Objections

Use the Feel - Felt - Found method


Great Dating Pursuit

13 Ways to Date

Datings by Phone



Use Social Media to Connect with people and demonstrate our products

30 minute Video with great details

New online form to Report 3 Week Parties Up

Click above to report Parties

Please simply report all Parties you have dated into the next 3 weeks starting always with the week we are currently in.

Every week there will be Draws from those reporting.


Register your 'Parties Up' on your My Sales site also so Tupperware will have the information for inventory etc.

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Report Your Parties Up

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Setup your own event display

There are many opportunities to set up displays at Festivals, Mom to Mom sales, Fairs, and many other venues.


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Guide Lines for Events

Draw Tickets

Lead Follow Up Results

Print this form and use it to track event results.

From every event it is important to be aware of the actual results after the event is finished and all the leads have been contacted.

Please take the time to fill out the "Lead Follow Up Results" form and return it to your Director. From this we will be able to determine what events are most successful and what we can do to improve the end results.

Challenge Yourself to ASK

Use this slip to make sure you ask every single person through personal conversation or a Dating Game to Date at a party

Hand out the slips with brochures or catalogues at the start of the Party

2 + 2 + 2

Date from your existing customers

"The fortune is in the Follow Up"

Kelley Lightfoot Super Saturday Training!


Goal Setting

Goal Thermometer

TupperChatters Dating Training

23 pages of ideas and word choices

  Dice Dating Game

  Penny - Smidgets - Straw Dating Games


Answers for Dating Excuses



Pass the Gift Game




Point Game


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More Summer Themes
Summer Business Tips


Outside Dating Ideas

Courtesy of Kelley Lightfoot

Boom Box

Business in the Park

Mailbox Drop off's

Neighbourhood Survey Sheet

Guide for Neighbourhood Survey

Stop N' Shop

Draw Slips



Prospecting for Parties

Most of your Parties will be dated “AT PARTIES”. This is the best place to build your business, use all the information and tools that Tupperware and your Team provide to date as well at Parties as you can.


Almost everybody in Tupperware has to supplement their Party Datings by going outside of their parties to date even more additional Parties from time to time. This actually a good thing as it diversifies your customer base and takes you into new Party Chains. Following are proven methods to network with people away from your party business and date new parties. Make a habit of getting “OUTSIDE DATINGS” each and every week and you will never run out of parties to do.

K.I.T. stands for (Keep In Touch)

"Calling Past Customers and Hosts"

As you develop your business you will accumulate names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of Hosts and Customers. Keep these in a very safe place as they are like gold to you when you need to build your Party schedule. Keep in touch every quarter to see if you can be of service, Customers and Hosts will not mind contact that has THEIR best interest at heart. Keeping in touch is just smart business.

  One of the easiest and best ways to keep in touch on a monthly basis is to build and E-Mail Address List that you can easily e-mail monthly brouchures to everyone with just a few minutes work and at 'No Cost'.

Smart Phone Finding

Phone Finding Survey Sheet <-Click

Are you looking to expand your business and are you willing to step outside your comfort zone to build your business in the area's of your choice?

Friend Finding

An ideal way to meet new people is to simply get out of your house and go to a neighborhood that has young families and simply knock on doors and introduce yourself as the neighborhood Tupperware representative. 90% of people know and like Tupperware Products, only 10% know where they can buy Tupperware Products. Carry something that clearly identifies you with Tupperware, a basket of product, some catalogues etc. Always dress for success and be courteous and professional, you are representing Tupperware. Ask for a few minutes of their time; even offer them a small gift for the opportunity to speak to them. Follow the survey sheet below and always show them the benefits of Tupperware Products, and of being a Host. ASK them to date a Demo.

Friend Finding Survey Sheet <-Click