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This is a service that sends out monthly email brochures automatically to your customers each and every month!

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All you need is to go to the sight above and register, place some names with e-mail addresses in the site and then every month those people will receive an e-newsletter 'From You".


Upload your picture so that the customers will recognize you as their Tupperware Consultant.


Make a habit of adding names every day, add friends, neighbours, people you work with, at your parties show people the brochure and ask "would you like me to send the monthly brochure to you every month"? Take their e-mail and always add them to your site as soon as you can. Add your own name so you will be able to forward the newsletter to your current hosts before you add them permanently.


Develop a habit of asking people for their e-mail address; imagine having a list of hundreds of names that receive your personalized newsletter of the new brochure each and every month.


Every month you will receive a list of everyone the e-newsletter was sent to, with their phone number. Use this list to call and keep in touch with customers. No need to keep separate lists, this can be your client list to develop sales from.


You will Date Parties, Sell Tupperware, and Recruit using this service.