(Do on lunch hours in office buildings)

Who to Approach

Call any office building or better yet, go down to the office building and speak with the

Social Director. Offer your services on a lunch hour. Give the Social Director Host gift

Selections as a thank you for letting you provide your services.


How to Plan with Your Social Director for your Stop and Shop

Provide them with an email to send out to the entire building on notice of your



Tupperware Is Here - One Day Only - Wednesday, November 25

12:00 - 1:00 p.m. In the Lunch Room on Floor 7


Come check us out to receive your FREE piece of Tupperware.

Enter our FREE draw at a chance to win our beautiful Chip N Dip Bowl

Place an order today and receive a FREE Thank You gift for your business.

Purchase a toonie square at a chance to win $100 in FREE Tupperware.

Date a Tupperware Party and receive a FREE Bonus gift.



To view our current catalogue and sales flyer prior to visiting our booth, click on the

links below.


Have a look at the New Online Catalogue and Brochures


If the Social Director is interested in receiving Host Gift Selections, provide them

with a Party Planning Envelope and party plan with them like you would with a

Regular party.

How to Set up Your Stop and Shop

Set up a display of product.

Have draw tickets set up for a cello wrap gift giveaway or use a Chip N Dip Bowl

– you can put the draw tickets right in the bowl (these are your future leads for

parties and recruits). Make sure there are lots of pens.

Take orders.

Sell cash and carry products (optional).

Have your date book and party planning packages ready to go. Offer bonus dates

for dating in close.

Have orange peelers with your business cards attached set up in a basket.

Have snack cups ready to go to give away as a free gift for placing an order.

Have dating gifts ready to go to give away as a free gift for dating a party.

Have information set up on your table about Bridal Showers, Fund Raisers, and

selling Tupperware.

Have a toonie sheet with a container to put the toonies in. Bring extra toonie

sheets as you may fill out more than one.

Wear your name badge.

Have catalogues, sales flyers, and order forms on the table.