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Detailed Guide to Take Orders and to place orders using your Computer

Entering a Party

Web Order Entry Tips


Delivery Direct to Hosts


Ordering your Tupperware Debit Card

Cash 'N Carry Pool

 Customer Care phone number and hours of operation:

Customer Care: 888-921-7395

Mon-Fri 8:30am – 12am ET, with no lunch time close.

Mid-month and end-of-month hours of operation will be 12:30pm – 3am ET.



Tupperware Help Line for Customers only “ 1-800-887-7379 


Tupper Connect

   Every Party (Home or Facebook) should also be a Tupper Connect Party so that outside sales (Customers Not Attending) can place orders and have them shipped directly by Tupperware. They can receive invitations by email or the Party can be posted on Facebook.

Sales Force members must have a paid for website from to use Tupper Connect

Salesforce website, click above link and have your own Tupperware website

How to Have a Tupper Connect Party Videos

Add $100's to every Party in Outside Sales

Why have Tupper Connect

How to Have a Tupper Connect Party

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Party + is Tupper Connect on Steroids

Customers can not only place outside orders as in Tupper Connect, they can actually join in the Party via ZOOM video link

Click below for details

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Use Facebook "LIVE" at a regular Home Party

Ask some of your guests to use their Smart Phones to record your Demo and go LIVE to all their Friends on Facebook.

Imagine being able to reach out to people you have never met to Sell - Date - and Recruit



Warranty Program Outline 

This 6 page document illustrates how to order out warrant replacements and obsolete credits





Non Warranty Product Report

Understanding the Parts Book

Quick Reference for Round Seals





Parts Replacement Catalogue etc.

Click on

Click on Sales Force Website


Search for Parts Catalogue


Also search for sales aid list




Customers can get products replaced Directly


Customers can go to the web page on the link above and tale a picture of a warranty issue and send it to Tupperware to get the replacement done online.


Tax Exempt Information

Tax Exempt Claims Instructions


Tax Exempt Refund Claim Slip

   Proof of Delivery to Reserve



How to get the refund of the tax <-Click




Placing a 1-800 Phone Ordering


1-800 Phone Ordering procedures <-Click