New Idea “Kit is a Host Privilege”

Every one of your Hosts the privilege of purchasing the Kit for only $39 initially.

This is on top of all other Host awards.

We suggest you carry a kit plus only other items you wish to demonstrate such as systems and products like Stacked Cooker, Pressure Cooker, and Multi Cooker.

The Hosts simply needs to agree to open her account with Tupperware to be able to purchase Samples, Sell to her friends and Family and even hold Parties if they wish.

 They need to know they will be a Consultant and will receive communications about special offers and programs.

To completely clear the Kit they do need to sell $1200 in the first 60 days as always.

Present this offer with enthusiasm as a “Host Privilege”. Others at the party may wish to Date with you so at their Party.

When they hold their Party they can receive the same privilege.

Do not mistake this for selling Kits, we do not sell Kits, every host has to hold a Party to receive this privilege.

To make it very appealing take a sample kit to the Party and demonstrate from the kit.

Help everyone start by doing a GO Party for all so they have dating to go to.

We recommend that you as the Consultant holding the Party retain all the Profits and the Sales from every party you hold making this offer. The Host who accepts this offer can receive the Datings if they wish to do the future parties and of course they are awarded all host gifts etc.

Plus the may purchase the $450+ Kit for only $39.


Imagine over $400 of value for only $39 as an initial payment.